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Lownthwaite Orange Blossom
FPS Registration No. FP1716*
Black with star
Foaled 6/14/88
*(DNA- & Blood-typed)

Townend Samuel


Greenholme Geoff
Greenholme Chris  6069 Heltondale Heather Lad
Heltondale Starlight II
Heltondale Lilly   12840 Packway Royal
Lady II of Heltondale
Lunesdale Sandra
Lundesdale Jerry  6841 Mountain Flash II
Sleddale Dainty III
Adam. Sandra II  17781
Heltondale Sonny Boy
Adamthwaite Sandra
Lownthwaite Apple Blossom


Lownthwaite Ember
Townend Prince  5118 Lunesdale Richard
Waverhead Princess
Lownthwaite Eve  2011

Blakebeck Boy
Lownthwaite Beauty

Lownthwaite Star Blossom

Gala Barberry  5547 Waverhead Rob
Gala Bramble
Lownthwaite Star Trek   15144 Townend Prince
Lownthwaite Star Light

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