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Castle Hill Dainty
FPS Registration No. FP3523*
Black with few white hairs above brow
Foaled 5/12/00
*(DNA & Blood-typed)

Heltondale Bellman V


Tebay Campbell Ton Victor
Lownthwaite Star Dust 5965 Townend Prince
Lownthwaite Star Light
Tebay Brandy 15877 Heltondale Lucky Boy
Tebay Queenie
Adamthwaite Bell Heather FP1008 Lunesdale Jerry 6841 Mountain Flash II
Sleddale Dainty III
Roundthwaite Princess 12946
Heltondale Prince
Roundthwaite Bell Heather
Heltondale Princess III


Heltondale Rover IV
Lunesdale Charles
Lunesdale Jerry
Lunesdale Beauty III
Heltondale Blooming Heather VII
Waverhead Model
Heltondale Blooming Heather

Heltondale Princess FP1731

Heltondale Black Prince III FP188C* Hardendale Raven
Heltondale Beauty V
Heltondale Black Secret 15386 Heltondale Heather Lad
Heltondale Blackbird

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