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Dr. Earley believes is proud to provide formal instruction to veterinary students and veterinarians on a regular basis at universities and professional meetings around the country.  He also believes it is important to educate his clients about the care of their animals, such as the importance of preventative measures, and the latest treatments available.

On this page Dr. Earley may post articles of interest, interesting cases, and other educational material, so check back often for updates!


Advanced Equine Dentistry Table Topic


Equine Dental Care: What Every Horse Owner Should Know

See an article by Dr. Earley in TheHorse.com (April 2009):

Advanced Equine Dentistry Table Topic *

Equine dentistry is a rapidly expanding field that encompasses a number of procedures. These include occlusal equilibration (how the teeth contact the opposite teeth surfaces), endodontics (the treatment of the diseases of the tooth pulp), exodontics (the extraction of teeth), oral surgery, orthodontics (the supervision and guidance of the growing dentition and the correction of the mature dentofacial structure), periodontics (the treatment of the ...


From the AAEP:  Equine Dental Care: What Every Horse Owner Should Know

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